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 Cửa gỗ nhựa composite 3D

Wood plastic composite door 3D: Luxury and class

* Dimensions 900x2200mm

* Color: NA05 and NA07

* The door is 45mm thick, water resistant

* Good sound insulation

* No warping, no termites, no cracking...

* Easy to construct

* Reasonable price

Naviwood 3D plastic composite doors: Luxury, good water resistance, good sound insulation


The weight of the 3D plastic composite wood door is up to more than 31kg. The 45mm thick door is stronger, more durable

Standard size: 900 x 2200 mm

Please contact the official dealer for advice and experience the new product 3D plastic wooden door.


SKU: NW411
VAT Included |

     The 45mm thick monolithic door, 100% waterproof, creates a unique and luxurious fluorescent.

     Door frame (replaceable to fit wall thicknesses from 100-250mm as well as adding sturdiness and aesthetics).

     Bracket for wall gap increases aesthetics.

     Inox 304 hinge 3mm thick, up to 125mm long (125x75x3mm).

     Anti-rust stainless steel door lock, safe to use.

     Ron rubber door dampers, good sound insulation.

     Change color constant price (custom color selection).

    Installation instructions see here: Installation instructions

    Buying instructions see here: Buying instructions

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