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Cửa gỗ nhựa composite NW07

Our company is a pioneer in the production of wood plastic composite doors in Vietnam. Naviwood plastic wood doors (WPC) are manufactured on the most modern and advanced technological lines today. Naviwood doors have perfect quality, sophisticated design on every detail, variety of models and colors.  Naviwood door products are recommended by experts and architects for using environmentally friendly green materials.

Exported products: The door is 45mm thick, thicker than other doors: More luxurious and classy

Genuine imported materials: Provide genuine CO/CQ


WATER PROOF: 100% water resistant

NO hazardous substance Formaldehyde like other common plastic doors

ARE NOT termites

ARE NOT cracked, ARE NOT warp, ARE NOT periodically repaired like a natural wooden door

FIREPROOF: The door does not catch fire and does not burn like ordinary wooden doors or other industrial wooden doors

* Solid door frame

* Good sound insulation with high-grade rubber seal system

* Good insulation (low thermal conductivity cavity design)

* Eco-friendly (no natural wood) and user-friendly

* Easy and quick installation

* Beautiful design, durable for over 20 years and safe to use.

* Low cost save cost

* Colorful

Plastic wood doors are the latest product and a trend of future use to replace natural wood to contribute to environmental protection. 

- Top selling products

Common size:  900x2200

Note: The prices on the website are for reference only. COLORS actually subject to change, please select the nearest actual COL code, or contact your dealer query. 


VAT Included |

     The 45mm thick monolithic door, 100% waterproof, creates a unique and luxurious fluorescent.

     Door frame (replaceable to fit wall thicknesses from 100-250mm as well as adding sturdiness and aesthetics).

     Bracket for wall gap increases aesthetics.

     Inox 304 hinge 3mm thick, up to 125mm long (125x75x3mm).

     Anti-rust stainless steel door lock, safe to use.

     Ron rubber door dampers, good sound insulation.

     Change color constant price (custom color selection).

    Installation instructions see here: Installation instructions

    Buying instructions see here: Buying instructions

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