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Stainless steel hinge SUS304

Material: SS304

Painted in white, with decorative motifs: Luxury

Specification: 5"x3x3mm: More durable and sturdy with 3mm thickness (125mm long, 3mm thick - Super durable).

With bearings for quiet and smooth operation

Weight: 225g

Load capacity 45kg - 50kg

Complete with mounting screws

5 year warranty

The yin and yang hinge or butterfly leaf hinge 5"x3x3.0D is specially designed with 2 hinges interlocking (yin and yang) and deviated to one side of the rotation axis, making installation extremely simple, no hassle. need to drill holes on the door frame.The product is suitable for wooden doors, plastic doors, aluminum doors.

In particular, the swivel part is used with bearings, so it is very quiet, light when opening the door and very durable

Application: Fit for wooden doors, plastic doors, aluminum doors without needing to drill holes in the door frame


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